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Trust is the most important factor in the attorney-client relationship. At Anderson Shah, we believe it’s important to communicate to our clients what we do best and where we provide the most value. Our attorneys have litigation experience in a variety of fields and subject matters, including:

Public Entity Defense

We are proud to represent public entities in litigation arising under the New Jersey Tort Claims Act, the New Jersey Civil Rights Act, and the federal Civil Rights Act of 1871 (commonly known as Section 1983).

We are on the short list of attorneys entrusted to take over a matter close to trial or on appeal in catastrophic injury, sexual assault, or wrongful death cases involving millions of taxpayer dollars. We’ve successfully resolved employment discrimination claims involving anywhere from a single plaintiff to more than 15.

What differentiates us from many of the other firms that litigate on behalf of public entities? Our DNA.We aren’t afraid to try cases to verdict and devote the resources necessary to win. Even though most cases settle, we’ve found that a reasonable settlement is best reached when the other side knows our best offer is backed by a trip to the courthouse to pick a jury.

Jessica M. Anderson

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Roshan D. Shah

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