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Trust is the most important factor in the attorney-client relationship. At Anderson Shah, we believe it’s important to communicate to our clients what we do best and where we provide the most value. Our attorneys have litigation experience in a variety of fields and subject matters, including:

Constitutional Law

When providing private businesses with regulatory advice, too many attorneys fall into the trap of believing constitutional law has limited, if any, impact. As attorneys who represent both public and private entities, we can safely say this approach is mistaken.

Governments at every level are continuing to challenge businesses with new regulations like never before.

As lawyers who have litigated the constitutional limits of government power, we are uniquely positioned to not only help you navigate the regulatory maze, but also to challenge regulations that are the product of government overreach.

We have successfully litigated constitutional claims in federal and state trial and appellate courts.

  • Freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly
  • Freedom from illegal searches and seizures
  • Just compensation for government takings
  • Procedural due process
  • Equal protection of the law
  • Privacy

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