At Anderson Shah, we provide a collaborative, collegial environment that emphasizes results, not billable hours. Attorney excellence—a foundational value at our Firm—isn’t measured by quantitative metrics, but rather by client satisfaction. We believe attorneys are at their best when they are thinking creatively about solutions to our clients’ problems. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box, because for too long the box has provided neither satisfaction for attorneys nor value to clients. We provide the following tangible and intangible benefits:
  • Firm Culture
The Firm prides itself on being a collegial and collaborative workplace. We appreciate the intensity that trial work demands and the need to balance it with a relaxed atmosphere that emphasizes team-building, an open-door policy, and inclusion.
  • Competitive Salaries
We’re proud to offer starting salaries that rival those paid at firms much larger than ours. We know talented attorneys always have options. Attracting them to provide quality representation to our clients is well worth the investment.
  • Bonuses

Attorney bonuses are based on the results achieved, not the number of hours billed. It’s all part of our results-oriented focus on achieving client goals.

  • Benefits

We offer medical, dental, and vision benefits, as well as 401(k) retirement savings plans to all of our employees. In addition, we offer short- and long-term disability plans, domestic partner benefits, life insurance, paid sick leave, and paid vacation time.

  • Paid Bar Membership Fees

The Firm pays bar membership fees for all state bars to which an attorney is admitted.

  • Working Remotely

The Firm employs technology to allow attorneys to work remotely. We see no benefit to an attorney commuting two hours only to sit behind a desk and draft a brief for six hours. We hire attorneys with good judgment and we expect them to act responsibly.

  • Early Responsibility

Our lawyers are encouraged (and expected) to take on significant case responsibility. We want our attorneys writing appellate briefs, taking depositions, arguing motions in court, and examining witnesses at trial. Simply put: we expect our litigators to litigate.

  • Professional Development

We provide opportunities for professional development tailored to where our attorneys are in their career arc. Our less experienced attorneys will benefit from in-house training programs carefully designed to help them improve their practical skills. For more experienced attorneys eyeing business development, we stand ready to provide the marketing resources to help you excel.