Why Anderson & Shah?

Anderson Shah is a litigation and trial boutique with a singular goal: delivering successful results for our clients in the courtroom. We don’t handle real estate closings or mergers and acquisitions. Instead, every resource we have is devoted to ensuring our clients receive nothing but the highest caliber of representation during the litigation lifecycle. From the initial consultation to pre-trial discovery to trial and through appeal, our Firm’s laser-focus on winning is evident.
Founded by two individuals who were previously partners at top-25 New Jersey law firms, Anderson Shah combines the sophistication and expertise of large law firms with the agility and lower costs of smaller firms. Our litigation experience includes claims involving commercial and shareholder disputes, constitutional law, employment discrimination, professional malpractice, general tort liability, FELA, non-compete agreements, and federal bid protests.
Our subject matter versatility is matched only by our deep familiarity and experience with both federal and state courts in New Jersey. Our attorneys have personally handled—not just merely attached their names to—more than 120 federal cases in the last eight years, including in Camden, Trenton and Newark. We regularly appear before New Jersey state trial courts in every county. Our appellate capabilities rival those found in large firm “litigation departments” and extend to the United States Supreme Court, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, the New Jersey Supreme Court and the New Jersey Appellate Division.
Our litigation-centric focus allows us to invest in state-of-the-art litigation and trial technology. This means our clients will benefit from our ability to ensure critical evidence is seamlessly collected, preserved, and produced during discovery, and is later presented at trial in a format that appeals to jurors. While most firms use only a traditional search engine for legal research (such as LexisNexis or Westlaw), our Firm supplements that with artificial intelligence (AI) research tools, so that our clients’ position is articulated and presented in the most persuasive and cost-effective manner possible.
At Anderson Shah, we understand litigation is our clients’ last resort. It’s why we’ve made resolving it successfully and efficiently our first and only priority.


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